Minutes of the 26th AGM held on 5th August 2017 at Old Padeswood Golf Club at 7.30pm.

There were 20 members present including President David Penn, Chairman Wal Browett, Match Secretary Alec Thjomas and Treasurer Rodney Grace.

  1. Chairman’s welcoming remarks & apologies.-The Chairman welcomed everybody to the meeting and he then asked all present to stand in memory of members who passed away during the year.

         Derek Jones   Abergele  and   Derek Burns     Mold.

        There were only 3 apologies for absence.


  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting: The minutes were accepted as a true record. Proposed by Kevin Hughes and seconded by David Jones.


  1. Matters Arising:  Alan Barker raised the issue of the venues selected for the Christmas Event. Cliff Jones of Wrexham suggested that this occasion be shared by (suitable) different clubs each year. The Chairman stated that all fixtures were under review but no final decision has been made.


4A) Chairman’s Report


    The committee is currently undertaking a review of our fixtures. I would like to start this report by thanking all of the members of our committee.

          I will start with those with designated roles.

     This year our secretary Ian Smith has worked tirelessly, not just undertaking the normal administration of the Alliance, but by applying his diplomatic             skills he was able to soothe ruffled feathers and restore the Alliances creditability.

     Our treasurer Rodney, again, has not only undertaken his own role in the oversight of our financial wellbeing, but has sourced the replacement bowl and         stand, which will now serve as the Roy Griffith’s trophy. In addition, he has obtained quality crystal-ware, which will be engraved and given to the trophy       winners, as a permanent reminder of their golfing success.

     The Match Secretary, Alec, has carried off his duties with the easy, practiced skills of a veteran. He too, has had a very successful year. To the Alliance             members, he is the public face of the committee. However, he doesn’t just sit behind a desk on Wednesdays, his duties extend over the full week, dealing         with clubs, green keepers, our members, arranging fixtures, confirming catering arrangements, arranging discounted buggy hire and getting the results             out. All are carried out with his trademark quiet understated efficiency. Well done.

     Our President, David Penn, thankfully making a good recovery, Vice President Alan Barker, David Jones and Kevin Hughes complete the team. Each               member of the committee has actively contributed in the regular meetings.  They bring a wealth of experience, which has been reflected in the purposeful       and fruitful progress we have made.

     At the 2016, AGM, we were asked to consider increasing the membership from each club. At the following committee meeting, we raised the membership       to 16 members from each club.

     Last season, we trialled replacement fixtures. Three fixtures were lost to bad weather. Alec was able to rebook two of them for July, where they were well       patronised.

     Also, last season, we altered the timings in the twin fixtures, to encourage a fairer patronage of the clubs, which support us and will continue to do so this         year.

          The winter rule, introduced last season last season, for balls being played from the rough, has not worked satisfactorily and will be replaced in time for the             dual fixture season.


B.)  Secretary’s Report:

           I apologise for not being with you this evening but I am at Manchester Airport with my youngest daughter who is returning to Hong Kong this evening.

The Alliance once again had a successful season with a few cancellations due to the weather.

Membership shows 157 paid, 105 not paid, 6 resignations which is similar to previous years at this time.

At Christmas time the committee were invited by the Captain of Llanymynech to have a team in their Christmas event which we duly did and we had a really super day out.  Many thanks to all at Llanymenech for their hospitality.

The newest club in the Alliance, Hawkstone Park, have written to me expressing how much they have enjoyed their first year and have confirmed full membership again for this year.

The committee continues to work well as a team and hopefully is doing all you wish of it. Last year our President, David Penn, was unable to participate on a regular basis due to ill health but I am pleased to inform you he is now back on song and will complete his term of office this season, bringing a calmness and style to each meeting he attends.

Your Chairman, Wal Browett, has completed his first year and is, I believe, beginning to enjoy his role.  Rodney Grace continues to look after the finances with a very tight grip on expenditure; he has also found time to organise the new web pages and reorganise the membership lists into a more efficient and up to date system. Thank you, Rodney, for all your help and hard work over the past year.

The man with the hardest task last year was Alec Thomas. He had some big shoes to fill and has filled them with enthusiasm, a smile and total commitment to his work. Well done Alec, you are doing a superb job.

Other members of our committee: Alan Barker, who over the years has done it all and has great knowledge of the Alliance, whom we can call upon when needed -almost every meeting! David Jones and Kevin Hughes both of whom have added ideas and lots of common sense and solutions and have grown into their roles, giving us a well balanced group.  I would like to thank you all for making my job easier than it was when I took over from Alan Ryland 11 years ago. Finally thanks to you the members, it is your Alliance so go out and enjoy your golf. We will do the rest!


C.)  Treasurer’s Report:

Here is my report on the Audited Accounts for the year ending 30th June 2017, copies of which have been circulated.

Our finances are in a very healthy condition with total assets of

£4280.00, £496.00 of fixed assets and £6842.00 of current assets and £3790.00 of Liabilities as shown on the left-hand side of the sheet. The actual loss for the year was £456.00 but reduced to £192.00 when the unclaimed vouchers total of £262.00 is included. These are vouchers previously set aside in our liabilities prior to 30th June 2016 but not redeemed.

Passing over to the Income and Expenditure on the right-hand side of the sheet, at the top you will see that Match Receipts were slightly up on the previous year but this was offset against an increase in vouchers and prizes issued, so leaving nett Competition Income £500.00 down. I will have to have a quiet word with Alec as he is obviously giving you too much!!!!!!!

General running expenses were slightly down but I expect some increases over the year due to inflation but will be monitored closely over the coming year.

I would like to thank Noel Popplewell for auditing the accounts again especially in his adaptability in accommodating me during a difficult period. I would like to propose Noel as auditor for the coming years the accounts. I must also thank Ian and Alec Thomas for their sterling effort collecting our revenues so ably which makes my job simpler.

That gentlemen is all I have to say and will be only too pleased to try an answer any questions you may have. Thank you.


D.)   Match Secretary’s Report

Alec Thomas thanked all Alliance members for their support and cooperation during his first year in office. Special thanks to both Mike Parry and Rodney Grace for easing him through procedures and protocol.

Fixtures for next season are under review in order to provide a more balanced list. It was proposed to introduce a “nearest the pinion all par 3 holes. This was accepted by all members at the meeting.

There have been several incidents of “no shows” without any explanation or apology. Alec was asked to raise awareness of this in the form of a notice on the Competition Desk. The Chairman volunteered to contact perpetrators if required as he would also do with groups guilty of regular slow play. The courtesy rule of golf should be applied by all members-if you fall one hole behind the group in front of you call the waiting group through.

It was proposed by Cliff Jones that the Jackie Robinson Trophy Day be shared between all founding member clubs. This will be discussed by the committee.


5) Appointment of Officers & Committee.:

              Chairman           Wal. Browett              into his second year           no election required

              President           David Penn                 into his final year               no election required

              Secretary           Ian Smith                    proposed by David Penn       seconded by David Jones

              Treasurer           Rodney Grace            proposed by Ian Smith         seconded by David Jones

              Match Sec.        Alec Thomas               proposed by Ian Smith         seconded by Wal Browett


              Alan Barker                               into his third year                no election required

             David Jones                              into his second year             no election required.

             Kevin Hughes                          seeking re election                proposed by Ian Smith         Seconded by Rodney Grace

All of the above were voted upon and returned unanimously.

6) AOB  

A) Steve Jones congratulated Alec for his commendable approach and dedication during his first year as Match Secretary. He also asked if the Scratch Competition could be promoted and thus better supported. Alec Thomas to investigate.

B) The matter of changing our 7/8th handicap reduction up to 9/10th was discussed briefly. Mike Parry stated from experience that 7/8th fitted nicely with the maximum handicap of 21.A maximum handicap of 20would better suit a 9/10th reduction.

C) Arfon Griffiths stated slow play is still a problem, especially for the later tee times. Ready golf was suggested as a format to speed up play. It was generally agreed the Courtesy Rule of Golf should be applied by all members- if you lose a hole on the group in front of you, the group behind you should be called through.

 Courtesy and consideration should be stressed by the committee and Alec Thomas in the form of a gentle notice on the competition table. The Chairman stated he would prepare the notice and oversee the proposal was carried out.


The meeting closed at 20.07.                   


Date of next AGM AUGUST 6th 2018