Minutes of the 25th AGM held on 1st August 2016 at Old Padeswood Golf Club at 7.30pm.

There were 34 members present including Vice President Alan Barker; Secretary Ian Smith Match Secretary Mike Parry; Treasurer Rodney Grace and Wal Browett

In the absence of our Chairman, Vice President Alan Barker opened the meeting by asking for support for a new Chairman Wal. Browett to be elected. This vote was unanimous and Wal Browett took up his position.

1. Chairman’s welcoming remarks & apologies.

           The Chairman welcomed everybody to the meeting and he then asked all present to stand in memory of members who passed away during the year.

Mike Norton, Wrexham G.C. and Alan Robotham Holywell G.C.

      There were only 6 apologies for absence


2. Minutes of Previous Meeting:

            The minutes were accepted as a true record. Proposed by Alan Barker and seconded by Bob Jone

3Matters Arising:



4a Chairman’s Report:

As the Chairman had only just taken up office he did not have a report.


4b. Secretarys Report:

         The Secretary welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending. It had been another successful             year for the Alliance, although a number of fixtures were lost           to the adverse weather.

         During the year we had some disturbing events relating to various members of the committee. Mike Parry our Match Secretary decided to retire, which led to panic all around. Barrie           Wheatley our Chairman suffered a heart attack and was advised to take things easy which led him to resign with immediate effect.

         More bad news followed, David Penn our President and key member of the committee was taken ill and taken to hospital for major surgery. That left Rodney Grace our Treasurer,               Alan Barker a V.P. and me to carry on with three of the committee.

        At this time Rodney was introducing a new web site together with a new computer programme for the membership list. I was worried by these changes and decided to opt for a less               stressful time and resign also.

        However some good news followed, Alec Thomas applied for the vacant Match Secretary s position and proved to be a strong candidate, with computer skills and accountancy skills.           I offered to withdraw my resignation in order to try and bring some stability to the situation and Wall Browett was asked to become Chairman and accepted. David Penn is getting                back to health albeit slowly and hopes to return to his duties later in the year.

        Obviously there will be a need for patience whilst people settle into their new roles.Alec Thomas will need some space and time to succeed but will have Mike on hand for a period of          time. At this time I cannot give you information about the membership although it does look as if it will be down a little on last year.

       To conclude, may I thank both Mike and Barrie for all their hard work whilst in office. Mike has been the main stay of the Alliance for many years and will be sadly missed by us all. I         would like to propose Mike for the position of  Honorary Member this evening and I trust you will all agree with this proposal.

       This was seconded by Wall. Browed and accepted by a unanimous vote.

       Thank you as always for your support our committee Wal; Kevin; Alan and David and of course you the members.

4c. Treasurers Report:

       Our accounts are in a very healthy state and have been audited by Noel Popplewell and circulated to you. The current                 balance at the bank is £6627.16.

      Please look at the copy of the accounts that have been circulated. On the bottom left-hand side you will see that the                    balance carried forward for this year is £4480.00 as compared to last years at £4529.00, an expenditure over income                  of £49.00 yet our actual expenditure over income was £610.00. The reason the loss was not greater is explained by the line        above. This year we wrote off £561.00 worth of unclaimed vouchers, that is those for 2014/15 season, compared to the             previous year of only £162.00. We must have some very rich or very absent minded members!! It will be noted that our             expenses were very high again. Some of this was the web site and 2 new computers but postage stationary and                           photocopying were extremely high and I would like to see this back around the £300.00 mark this year. To compensate for         these expenses we did well on income with an increase of £1300.00. I believe this to be due to 1, the reduction in the                number of fixtures due to bad weather. 2, the reduction in average attendance per meeting, down from 146 the previous year       to 134 last season and lastly the change in the scratch prize rules.

     I think all the other items are self-explanatory.

    On a final note, Noel Popplewell has decide to take life easier and passing his accounts to a Company in Buckley but will         be working for them on a part time basis. The Committee discussed this matter and it was agreed to recommend to this               meeting that we continue to go through Noel for annual auditing.



 4d. Match Secretary’s Report:


      This year has been another successful year for the Alliance.  Numbers have been slightly down per fixture but not by any significant amount.  Clubs are normally notified of the                    numbers due to play on the Monday before the fixture so ringing up on Tuesday to cancel is a little too late.

      There have been some changes in membership, the reduction being linked to the reduced numbers of golfers in our participating golf clubs.  Other factors reducing participation are the         weather and more accurate forecasting, buggy availability, health & safety in the use of buggies, ageing playing population and resultant physical limitations.


5. Appointment of Officers & Committee.:

      a            Chairman            Wal. Browett            proposed by Ian Smith            seconded by David Jones

      b            President               David Penn             into his third year                     no election required

      c            Secretary               Ian Smith                proposed by David Penn          seconded by Rodney Grace

      d           Treasurer               Rodney Grace         proposed by Ian Smith             seconded by David Jones 

      e           Match Secretary    Alec Thomas           proposed by Rodney Grace      seconded by Mike Parry

      f           Committee:

                                                Robert Jones                             into his second year             no election required

                                                David Jones                              into his second year             no election required

                                                Kevin Hughes                           into his third year                 no election required

                                                Alan Barker                               into his second year             no election required                  

                  All of the above were voted upon and returned unanimously.


6. AOB   


  1. The Chairman explained the committee has been discussion extending the season into June in order to avoid losing fixtures to the weather and wanted to see what support there would be for this from the members. After a long discussion it was agreed only to offer any cancelled fixtures to the clubs concerned to be replayed in June. This will be investigated further by the committee.
  2. A proposal was put to the members to increase the membership of all clubs to 16 from 14. This was also discussed at length and was accepted by the members present. The constitution now needs to be amended accordingly.
  3. Arfon Griffiths asked if other clubs can be considered to host the Christmas event. This was agreed and will be discussed at the next committee meeting.
  4. Cliff Jones (Wrexham) asked if the Jackie Robinson Trophy could be held at other venues rather than always at Eaton. The Chairman explained it has always been the last fixture but agreed to discuss it in committee.


The meeting closed at 20:37

Date of next AGM AUGUST 7th 2017